Glowing Green Smoothie

This year in the summer my sister-in-law who lives in the US, came to visit and she introduced me to Kimberly Snyder and her Glowing Green Smoothie, I have been hooked everyday since and the GGS is now a part of my daily routine and diet. I drink around 2-4 cups of this deliciousness everyday, and can you believe that this drink alone contains around 3 cups of greens? Which is actually more than what some people consume in an entire week! Wow.

I instantly felt changes when I started drinking the GGS, I felt more energetic and alert, I felt huge difference in my digestive system and could see a massive change in my skin and hair, which felt wonderful and I’m so happy and comfortable with my self image now.
I have been so happy to introduce this to others also and they love it, my mother-in-law is also a GGS everyday drinker and even my 20 month old daughter enjoys her greens too!


So you can find Kimberly’s recipe here, But I would like to share my own personal version with you, feel free to try for yourself and let me know if you have your own recipe or any other suggestions.

Although the GGS is packed with Vitamins and Nutrients I occasionally like to add some Organic Burst Spirulina or TeaPigs Matcha Green Tea powder for extra health.

I have a pretty old, but great blender at home that I love, I recommend using a strong blender but you can also juice this recipe too –

1 cup Organic Spinach
2 cup Organic Kale
2 cup cold filtered water 

Whizz together for around 45 seconds until smooth, then add –

1 Organic Green Apple (cored, quartered) 
1 Organic Pear (cored, quartered)
1 whole Banana (Peeled)
1tsp Ginger (Peeled, finely chopped)
Juice of 1/2 an Organic Lemon 

Whizz again for another 45 seconds until completely smooth pour into whichever glass you fancy, I always used my Mason Jars as they are so practical and pretty of course.


Instagram : @deboraolafsson

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