Turkey Patties

This clean healthy recipe is packing a punch in protein, prefect for meal prep and tastes not so bad either… Enjoy!

Turkey Patty Prep

So it’s been a really long time since I shared any recipe (or just anything for that matter!) with you. So here comes my latest go to recipe, Turkey Patties – they are so simple to make, I usually prepare a batch of 12 and store for maximum 3 days in the refrigerator. Each patty (50g cooked) contains approx 11g of protein and just 1g of fat, as you may know I’m no chef or nutritionist so these are approximate numbers. (I use My Fitness Pal app to measure out and keep track of micro nutrients in my food daily.) So, let’s get to it….

500g 100% Minced Turkey
1 small yellow onion
2 garlic cloves (mashed)
1/3 cup old fashioned rolled oats
SEASONING* (I use Salt, Pepper, Paprika & Cayenne Pepper) *Feel free to use whichever you like
1tsp Olive Oil
2tbsp Worcester Sauce
1 medium free range egg (Just the egg white if you want to be super healthy)

Turkey Patty Prep 2

Fry onion and garlic in a small pan with non-stick spray (Just 1 skoosh is enough) approx. 4 mins until fragrant, leave to the side to cool COMPLETELY.

In a large bowl, add turkey, oats, seasoning, olive oil, egg and Worcester sauce mix together with spoon (or your clean hands if you wish) until well blended. Tah dah!


You may chose whatever works best for you, (e.g meatballs) however I like to use 2 muffin tins lightly spray with non-stick spray and evenly devide into the tins, whack them in the over for 25mins @ 180°C.
(*When I remove from oven, I always slice one in half just to be sure they are fully cooked.)

They are best served with a nice clean salad, perhaps a little raw salsa? You can chose endless combinations, my husband likes sweet chill sauce with them.

Store in a seal-able container and refrigerate max 3 days.


I would love to hear from you guys what kind of recipes you want or what you would like to see more of, do not hesitate to get in touch, this is just a happy hobby, I’m not a pro (my photos are just taken by my old trusty Iphone4) but I love to help and motivate others.

Instargram : @deboraolafsson

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