What I like to eat..

A lot of you wish to know what my diet is, or what I am eating over the day, it’s pretty simple, I do not follow any strict regime or ‘diet’ I do what my body tells me to as it does know what and when I need something, it is very important to listen to your body, as the saying goes ”You are what you eat” I know myself if I have eaten some chocolate or some candy this will show on my face I will get some lovely spots. I also know if I have eaten something that has been fried it shows around my stomach. However if I eat properly with a good balance of protein, staple carbs with fresh fruit or vegetables, I can see results quite quickly, my skin will feel full of life my abdominal muscles will start to show nicely and generally I feel well and healthy.

Below is a few examples of things I like to eat, please note that as previously mentioned I am no nutritionist, and my examples are very basic and sometimes I fall off track and have myself something that I know is bad for me but I usually try to redeem myself very quickly with a quick detox to flush it all out or I will train extra hard to sweat it all out, we are all human and I personally know that having the will power is very difficult, but the most important thing to remember is – if you fall get right back up and continue!


Now everyone is different and may not like to eat the following foods or the portions but this plan currently is working very well for me, fits my lifestyle work, budget and social wise.  Please do get in contact with me directly if you wish to know anything else regarding eating well.

40g Oatmeal (Made with either Almond Milk or Water)
1 banana
Sprinkled with ground cinnamon.
Some days I will have egg white scramble instead of the oatmeal –
1 egg + 4 egg whites.

Mid Morning Snack: (1 of the following)
2-3 Power Protein Balls
100g fresh fruit
1 small Skyr with fresh fruit
1 Hleðsla Skyr/Protein drink

100g chicken breast/100g ground turkey/100g Lean steak/75g Tuna
75g sweet potato/50g brown rice/50g barley/75g whole wheat pasta
with as much as I like of the following
green beans/broccoli/spinach/tomato/kale/lettuce/cucumber/fresh fruit
Omelette 1 egg + 4 egg whites, packed with veg. (Sometimes a sprinkle of cheese)

Afternoon Snack: (1 of the following)
2 ryvita with fat free peanut butter
2 boiled eggs (only 1 yolk)
1 apple sprinkled with cinnamon
1 Hleðsla Skyr/Protein drink

The same as both for lunch.

Cooking & Seasoning:
I always use a non fat cooking spray if I pan fry, try to use as little salt as possible, I love love LOVE pepper all variations, I use Cayenne pepper often to spice things up.

Water. Period.
I do love sparkling water with lemon but try to keep it to a minimum as it bloats me right up.



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