Protein Waffles

This Sunday morning I woke up in the mood for waffles, it’s been a while since I actually had waffles, it is very traditional to have waffles with jam and cream here in Iceland which are delicious…. However as you can imagine not so appealing for the health conscious. I looked up a few recipes online and then tried adjusting a few ingredients to experiment with something of my own. The beauty of these waffles is the are only packing approx. 130g of calories per waffle, however they include NO sugar and NO flour so you can be very indulgent and be creative with your toppings.
A few ingredients can be substituted so if you have any good ideas please share with me! Without further-ado….

(N.B I found my waffles a tiny bit dry, but I think only because I was quite restrictive with my toppings)

(Makes: 6 waffles)
2 Whole Eggs
4 Egg whites
80g Oats
60ml Almond Milk (Or Milk)
2 Heaped Scoops of Chocolate Protein (Or Vanilla or Banana)
1tbsp coconut oil – For greasing the waffle iron


Place all of the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl, use hand blender to mix well until the mixture is thick but not sticky.
Next heart waffle iron, use a little coconut oil to make sure the batter will not stick to the iron. When hot and ready, spoon some mixture onto the iron (I use a small soup ladle to do so)
Cook on iron until golden and crispy.

waffles 2

Serve waffles with whatever you fancy, today I used some melted 70% dark chocolate drizzled over with toasted chopped almonds. As mentioned above perhaps a bit more of the toppings would have been more juicy, so maybe some fruit and honey next time. Serve and eat as soon as possible.


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