Beat the Christmas Bloat: 5 easy tips to give yourself a shake

It may only be the day after Christmas, but are you feeling sluggish and bloated? It is very easy to over indulge in all of the Christmas delights when there is so much food going around, the mammoth Christmas day dinner, the colourful sweets in every serving bowl, the merry wine and of course the endless cheese & crackers. Most of which unfortunately are calorific, full of salt, sugar and fat and afterwards for the select unlucky few we can be left feeling a bit ”fuller” than we should.

However not to worry, based on the original article written by health & fitness guru Ragga Ragnars (in Icelandic, which you can find here) Ragga gives some simple tips and ways to help you beat the bloat, most of which you can feel lighter, happier and healthier in 1 day.


Drink Water: OK, so this is an obvious one, drinking water has many benefits including flushing out all of the toxins you may have previously consumed, replenishing you inside & out, and the best – giving you energy, the energy you need to feel great!
(Tip: try something exciting in your water to help drink the amount you need like lemon, lime, cucumber, mint etc.)


Ginger: This root plant is packing a punch when it comes to health benefits, perfect for detoxing and cleansing, it can also assist with cold and flu symptoms, even a hangover buster for some! Check out my recipe for the ginger shot you can keep chilled in the fridge so it’s available for you over the festive season.
Ginger Shot Recipe 

Green Tea: I LOVE green tea, and I try to drink 3-4 cups a day as it is packed with antioxidants, helps burn fat, can help you alleviate stress and gives a good boost of needed energy plus it tastes great. My favourite is Supreme Matcha Green Tea by Pukka


Green Juice: Having a big dose of green juice packed with anti-oxidising fruit and veggies can make you feel great and healthy, you can even put something like green tea powder, spirulina or ginger into your green juice to give it some extra green power. Perhaps change out your morning breakfast for a green juice even just for a few days and feel the benefits.

Give yourself a shake: Nobody says Christmas is over and you must now get straight to the gym and workout, most of you are still in holiday mode so you get to relax and enjoy this time, how about take a brisk walk with the family or go for an early morning swim. There are many options, but just a little exercise can give you the boost you need to feel great about yourself and full of energy.


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