I am alive…

Hello dear readers 

Well March is just about over and it has been a action packed busy one for me, I’m sorry to have been very boring and not giving much back to you all this month but let me share with you what has been happening on my end…

I have just completed many papers and my first section of my Personal Trainer studies and it has been very difficult, interesting, overwhelming yet amazing. Int he long run I know it’s going to be amazing and the best decision I made in my life, one that I hope to help motivate, inspire and help others in finding happiness and health.


In addition to this I’ve been super busy with my day job building a new website and preparing for the summer months along with other new and exciting developments there, finding a new apartment, starting driving lessons (yes, I am 27 years old!) I was sick for a little while at the beginning of the month and I also managed a trip to Baltimore too, which was a nice little break.

April is just around the corner, which means Spring a beautiful time of year which also indicates that summer is within touching distance.. have you started your summer body prep yet? I have and I hope you will join in with me with eating clean, training mean and in achieving your dream. Don’t forget to follow me on Snapchat for daily workouts, meals and other motivation stuff.



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