SuperGREEN Saturday

…and Sunday if you like.

Here is my go to detox green machine that ensures I get all my greens, vitamins and goodness for the day. I like to do this juice maybe once a week, after a cheat meal or when I feel a little under the weather. (Pssst.. It’s a hangover killer too!)

The secret ingredient is GREENS Full-Spectrum Superfood by Labrada, this gives an extra boost of the green nutrition that so many of us need more of. Sometimes if I’ve had a super busy day and I haven’t been eating properly this is the perfect solution to give your self what you may have missed out on in the fruit and veggies department, in actual fact it is 2 whole servings.


Here is my version.

3 cups Spinach
2 cups cold water

give it a whizz…

Peeled & Chopped –
1 apple
1 orange
1 pear

give it a second whizz…

1 tsp of ginger
1 scoop of Greens full-spectrum Super Food



Greens full-spectrum Super Food available here from
Use discount code ”debora” for 15% off all products

If you are not in Iceland and would like to buy, please get in touch for international shipping.


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