Personal Picks: Bargain Britain

personal picks 03.07


Okay, since the aftermath of Brexit and currency drop in the British Pound resulted in being a good thing for me, but of course not for my fellow Brits. I took advantage of this an ordered myself a few bits and bobs since it was affordable to do so.

1. NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette: I see this used a lot by bloggers and on Instagram, so I’m super excited to try it out for myself. I’m useless at make up youtube really does help me.
Bargain at only £18 here

2. NIKE Air Max Thea Running Sneakers: Not much else to say here, but it is my birthday next month.
Shop here (hint hint hubby)

3. Sensationail LED lamp: This is a lifesaver now I only have to do my nails once a week, I love the gel look and the colours available are beautiful… Don’t you think?

Shop here

4. OLAY Firm & Lift day cream 100ml: Okay, so this may be considered for over 40’s but this cream is like magic my skin feels amazing with it and SPF15 included, which is necessary all throughout this summer. The price tag…£2.50!
Shop here

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