Hot Yoga Sunday

Now, just to be clear on this.. I am not a yogi and my knowledge of proper yoga practice is pretty basic, I would to share with you all my reasoning why I like to do Hot Yoga and the benefits.

There are many benefits to all kinds of yoga, however Hot Yoga is said to primarily support detox – of course if you are in a room heated at approx 37°C you are pretty much going to sweat, therefore sweating out toxins and all the nasties from you body. My health club World Class Iceland, offers Hot Yoga classes between 1 hour – 1.5 hours classes so within in this time you can get your sweat on. Additionally, being in a heated environment assists with yoga practice and getting into the positions, as your muscles tend to be warmed up so potentially can stretch better, enabling you to improve flexibility. One other strong benefit is the ability to improve your breathing skills, something that some studies have shown to increase health benefits – ideal for you folks with asthma or other respiratory issues.

Enough of all of that, WHY I love to go to Hot Yoga once a week –  as it gives me 90 mins of relaxation time on my own, no problems, no phone, no work, no child and nothing to interrupt me. I can fully focus on relaxation here, I have always wanted to practice and master meditation, but I’ve not had much luck yet so this is the closest I can get. From a workout point of view I feel so flexible after a good class, and continuation of any yoga practice will always improve all around body fitness. Finally, after 90 mins of a good sweat session I feel so energized, refreshed and detoxified, ready to get on with my day. Here are my top tips for attending hot yoga class –

*Bring a large water bottle with you, and take only small sips after every 3-4 poses.
*Bring the appropriate sized towel or yoga mat, to ensure your comfort.
*Replenish afterwards with a tall glass of water and a light protein snack.
*Wear breathable clothing – you will regret turning up in spandex.
*If you need to a break, lay on your back and focus on breathing instead.
*DO NOT walk in between mats or in and out of the class, this is not only rude and disrespectful to the yoga teacher but to everyone else who is trying to concentrate.
namaste in bed
If your gym offers Hot Yoga, I cannot recommend it enough to feel good about yourself. Go on give it a try.


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