5 Tips to a healthier you

1.HYDRATE – You must drink water, it is imperative to keep your body functioning well and water is key. H2O has so many great benefits, flushing out nasty toxins, keeping skin in good condition, gives you energy just to name a few.
My tip: Drink 1 large glass of water upon waking up in the morning to start your day. 
2.WORKOUT – Okay, you don’t need to be a gym bunny to appreciate the benefits of exercise training, even if you do some form of activity for around 30 minutes each day your body will benefit hugely from this and keep your heart healthy.
My tip: Take a brisk walk in the morning or evening for just 30 minutes.
3.SLEEP – It is so important to catch some Zzzzzzz, I aim for 7-8 hours a night, which is a quite a luxury got some people, however getting s good night’s sleep can be so beneficial to your well being.
My tip: STOP with your smart phone, laptop, TV at bed time relax – listen to a audio book or some gentle music to help you drift off. 
4.EAT – I am not a super strict dieter, however I do mind what I eat – try to limit sugar and replace with substitutes such as dates, honey and fresh fruit. (I have plenty of good for you simple recipes if you have a sweet tooth see HERE)
My tip: Try to eat fresh fruit or vegetables with EVERY meal. 
5.SUPPLEMENT & CONDITION – If you want stay well your body needs a little support with vitamins, minerals, proteins, BCAAs and even a little energy kick sometimes.
My tip: I use Labrada Nutrition supplements, my fab 4 are Lean Pro 8 Protein powder, EFA Lean Gold, Greens full spectrum Superfood & Super Charge Pre workout. All available here  www.leanbody.is
(use code ”debora” for 15% discount.)



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