Labrada is by far my favourite supplement brand on the market and has been for some time. For me taste, selection and great price is important and I’m sure many of you will agree. Below is a selection of the products I use daily, I am often asked what I use and I’m pleased to share with you.

Don’t forget to swing by Leanbody.is, Bæjarhran 2 or http://www.leanbody.is for friendly and professional advice, good deals with great prices and you can even use code ”debora” at check out for 15% disount.


Uppáhlds fæðibótavörurnar mínar eru frá Labrada, besta bragðið, úrval og verð. Hér fyrir neðan eru mínar uppáhalds vörur í augnablikinu frá leanbody.is

Kíktu við hjá leanbody, í Bæjarhrauni 2 fyrir fagmannlega og frábæra ráðgjöf og þjónustu. Ekki gleyma að nota kóðann ”debora” fyrir 15% afslatt af vörum.


Hi-Energy Fat Burner: I use this on my non-training days in the morning, the taste is good and it’s easy to drink, it will keep extra away with an added energy boost.

2 Labrada racerback tank: this is brand new in Iceland and I’ve had mine since before the summer, I love love LOVE it, it’s so soft and never loses it’s shape, there is also a removable tag that is easily ripped off. (For those of you who hate the irritation if labels.)

EFA Lean Gold: caps, 3 of these with breakfast and lunch/dinner keeps away stubborn fat, supports building muscle and boots energy.

LEANPRO8 Protein: I challenge you to try any flavour of this and tell me it’s not the best tasting protein powder you have tried. Chocolate is my favourite, it’s not clumpy either and is perfect with just water and ice.

Supercharger Xtreme Preworkout: I’m actually quite sensitive to preworkouts, but this I don’t find I am, and the taste is good, it really gives me a kick in the ass for fasted cardio. (If you really are sensitive to preworkouts too, you actually get a preworkout from Labrada that is stimulant free! Perfect for late night sessions.)

The Protein Chef Baking Protein: The endless creations with this stuff, I’ve tried a few and my favourite is my protein apple pie, recipe here. It’s good to have in your cupboards, as everyone loves sweet treats and this will ensure you don’t miss out!


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